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A Global Event
Of Epic Proportions!

Every Nation, Every Level, Every Style!


The Global Dance + Cheer Games is the event International Teams
the globe over have been waiting for! 
An exclusive INVITATION ONLY championship for Dance all styles
and Cheer Levels 1-4 plus junior & restricted 5.  
While only one team can walk away as the overall Grand Champions,
we reward a significant number of dancers and cheerleaders with 1st,
2nd and 3 Prizes at every level which is why this is so much more than a competition ...
it's an Experience!!  A Four Day Event - with rock star treatment for all,
and sportsmanship as the focus.  We start with the Welcoming Ceremony,
Parade of Nations and cultural exchanges with true educational value.
Followed by the Ultimate Two Day Global All Levels Dance and Cheer Championship
with a prize giving party zone and live DJs
finished with the Spectacular Cultural Celebration Luau. 


Every country, every nation, every level, every style!!  
The best of the best ... a true global event of EPIC proportions!!


Aloha! Let's go to Hawaii ... sun, sand, surf ... it doesn't get any better!
The beautiful shores of Hawaii are the perfect destination for a global competition.
 Hawaii is central for travel from most Asian, Pacific, European and North American countries |
and provides a stunning backdrop to the event.


May 2021, Waikiki, Hawaii


There is truly no greater honour for teams
than to go on to represent their country on the world stage!

D+C Games creates an opportunity for young people to use a love of dance
and cheer as a way to learn about different cultures and break
through barriers to create lifelong friendships through sport. 

We understand the value of students competing at international events
and how they benefit from both displaying their skills on the world stage
and being able to share the experience with young people from other cultures. 
The amount they learn from sharing knowledge with others and seeing different
techniques and performance styles from around the world helps them to extend
their skills and provides a platform for them to grow both personally and as athletes.
This unique, world first competition will be an unforgettable experience!


Get in touch to find out how your team can be part of this unforgettable experience.


Thank you for a beautiful experience!
We truly enjoyed everything
from top to bottom! My fav event ever!

- Tannaz, California All Stars