About Us


The Global Games is bought to you by the team at CheerBrandz an International Event company with over 15 years experience and more than 100 successful events. 

Founded by Kimberley Ramsay a former lawyer who gave up a successful legal career to establish the sport of cheerleading in New Zealand.  Kimberley has been involved in cheerleading & dance for more than 20 years and is also the president of the NZCA.  The NZCA was one of the first international organisations to be a part of the USASF and a founding member of the ICU.  Kimberley has coached Team NZ to many gold wins at the ICU championships and was the first international coach to take a team to the Cheerleading Worlds in 2005.

CheerBrandz was founded to offer athletes and families an amazing experience as well as a competitive event.   Our why is to keep kids in youth sport by creating amazingly fun competitive events that are about more than just winning; it’s the fun, friendships and life lessons learned from success & failure at competition. 

We are proud to be the global leaders in cheerleading and dance experiences for athletes & families. 

 The Global Games creates an opportunity for young people to use a love of dance and cheer as a way to learn about different cultures and break through barriers to create lifelong friendships through sport. 

We understand the value of athletes competing at international events
and how they benefit from both displaying their skills on the world stage and being able to share the experience with young people from other cultures. The amount they learn from sharing knowledge with others and seeing different styles helps them to extend their skills and provides a platform for them to grow both personally and as athletes.