How to Qualify

Our goal for the Global Dance + Cheer Games ('D+C Games')
is to make teams and athletes feel privileged and honored to receive a qualifying invite.
We want only the best from each country to be represented at the D+C Games,
so a true international champion can be found. 


You may be the best in your country in your particular division –
but now you get the chance to be the best in the world!


How to Qualify for the Global Games:

1. You can win a qualifying bid at one of our Sanctioned Event Partners competitions; or

2. If there is no Sanctioned Events in your area, you can qualify in your home country at
ANY local event by winning ANY Bid or placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd at ANY National Event in your
home country - this will automatically qualify for the Global Games; or

3. Lastly, you can also qualify by video - click here for more information.


For more information about qualifying please email us at:

Qualifying events

Click on your country below to find your closest Qualifying Event.
If you don’t see your local event company here,
please contact us at

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China -  |  England  |  France
Germany  |  Ireland  |  Italy  |  Japan
Malaysia  |  Mexico  |  New Zealand  |  Norway

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